Well if you want to hear about my story just ask

Countrygirl7: hello im amy...
Alla ricerca di: Maschio Età 35 a 65
Stato: 33 singolo Dritto Femmina
Interessato a: Relazione a lungo termine
Razza: Bianco/Europea
Vita: Vivo da solo
Eye Catcher: Culo
Altezza: 5'9 pollici
Corpo: Media
Capelli/Occhi: Marrone, Marrone
Fumo: Non c'è modo
Bere: Solo socialmente
Esercizio Più di 4 volte a settimana
Politica: Nessuna
Scolarizzazione: Laurea triennale
Religione: cristiano
Reddito: Meno di $15.000
Occupazione: Designer
Prole: Nessuna
Personalità: Avventuroso
Nazione: United States
Email di amici: Il tuo nome:

Well if you want to hear about my story just ask

Cars  Cooking  Designs  Movies  Museum  Music  Trends  

I would like to meet someone who shares my interests has good hygiene attentive respectful has a career likes to travel appreciates and respects different culturesgroups etc kindhearted artistic knows how to communicate effectivelysomeone who truly loves me is sweet cuteaccepts my flawsand at least wont break up with me anytime soon I want a guy who is intellectual and passionate about things Appearance does matter I think a personal indepth connection is more important Id like for us to have a lot of interests in common because then well have tons to talk about from different perspectives but then if not no problem Someone who dresses well and listens to great music is also huge to me because fashion and music are what my interests surrounds Its mega important that he makes me feel comfortable and respects me in a way that lets me know I can be myself around him He should also be funny and have a good sense of humor Uhhhh other than that he should be romantic and understanding


Well im the que sera sera kinda person what will be will be


well not gonna say much im an interior and exterior designer

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