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Sexylyn01: searching for my soulmate...
Alla ricerca di: Maschio Età 27 a 62
Stato: 41 Divorziato Dritto Femmina
Interessato a: Relazione a lungo termine
Razza: asiatico
Vita: Vivi con i miei figli
Eye Catcher: occhi
Altezza: 5'7 pollici
Corpo: Media
Capelli/Occhi: Nero, Blu
Fumo: Non c'è modo
Bere: Solo socialmente
Esercizio 2 volte a settimana
Politica: Liberale
Scolarizzazione: Scuola superiore
Religione: cristiano
Reddito: $25,001 a $45,000
Occupazione: Fashion Designing
Prole: 1 bambino
Personalità: Avventuroso
Nazione: United States
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Im a decent, intelligent, patient, passionate woman.Still curvy, not perky!OK, so , not in the same places as before. Games are for idiots.Im not one of those. I believe in real love, want a potential for more. Honesty integrity are values that should be key with two people. Im generally a homebody, but dont want moss growing on my nice things, like to dress up to have date nights with a special person. I like color down to my lingerie. Age is something thats in ones mind heart..I like to cook bake in an ethnic way.. I like going to live concerts, locally, car shows. My favorite place, is a warmer climate. that I can use when I relax, write. Ive been single way too long. Im looking for companionship, love. Im not as active as before. With the right person, intimacy can be important. I just want a slice of the rainbow, a journey with happiness. Love is like a dance. Its not how you dance, but what music you can dance to. I dont like confrontation. Id rather solve things with a little sugar than using a spoon full of salt! I need a man that can me feel safe, secure settled. If you have similar needs, have an interest, feel free to email me. Thanks.


Im looking for a man that wants to be a best friend, lover, protector not just to me but also to my son. I want to see that glazed over, goofy look on a mans face when I know he loves me. He must be secure within himself, attentive, show affection openly be virile.Gee..this sounds like a resume. No one is perfect... never met anyone that is or will be. Theres always room for improvement with everyone. If he will be the keeper of my heart,He should be able kindle a flame. Comunicate without harsh vulgar,offend,or abuse in any way. He should feel my numbers wont have a bearing in a relationship. Distance matters, only if someone has the means to travel, to meet be with me...but,I would rather connect with someone I can be closer to connect with physically. Possibly someone that is free drama and has good family value . Six packs,never impressed me, nor does money not looking for that...just a wonderful man that captures my heart, chemistry that stands out. As long as he is emotionally secure

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