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Sweetrose5007: looking for soul mate...
Alla ricerca di: Maschio Età 31 a 55
Stato: 33 singolo Dritto Femmina
Interessato a: Relazione a lungo termine
Razza: Latino/ispanica
Vita: Vivo da solo
Eye Catcher: Culo
Altezza: 5'9 pollici
Corpo: Media
Capelli/Occhi: Nero, Nero
Fumo: Fumare di tanto in tanto
Bere: Di tanto in tanto
Esercizio 2 volte a settimana
Politica: prudente
Scolarizzazione: Diploma di socio
Religione: cristiano
Reddito: $15,001 To $25,000
Occupazione: Sales And Marketing
Prole: Nessuna
Personalità: Avventuroso
Nazione: United States
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Hi Hmmm theres so much Id like to write but since Im sure you have a life Ill keep it short I am a really downtoearth woman who has lots of love to givewell i am Born and Raised in the US I Lost my parents while i was 11yrs old through a Motor accident in Paris France Although I havent had successful relationships in the past I know what I am looking for in a permanent commitment People focus so much on the physical or financial attributes of a person that the fail to think about their lives with that person 102030 years down the road For me it is all about how the person makes me feel inside Looks fade money is spent you never know when either of those things will be exhausted but who you are on the inside never dies Thats what I look for in a mate Hmmmwhat else I am respectful to everyone so I expect the same in return I love dogs I lost my 13 year old German shepherd recently I eventually would like to get another one but its a bit hard to replace such a perfect dog I volunteer my time to teach children on the weekends I love it I wish I could do more of it I love to travel I love meeting people from different countries Although I am only fluent in one language I love learning words in other languages I Well I will end this mini autobiography or else I may need to shop for a publisher


What i seek for in a RelationshipWhat I am seeking is a man as laid out in Proverbs 31 A man who is strong but not overbearing loyal respectful kind and sweet That carry himself like the king he is in all situations That arouse my intellect as well as physical desires Looking for a that somebody that I can share my entire self with Somebody that is not afraid to be loved as well express loveI seek for a Serious and Long term relationshipSomeone I can spend the rest of my Life with

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